Swimming with a humpback whale is an amazing experience and a privilege, these beautiful creatures are graceful, intelligent and at times incredibly engaging. Ningaloo Whalesharkndive is one of Exmouth’s premier tour operators with a long and successful history of fulfilling people’s dreams of swimming with the whalesharks, turtles, fish and all the other fantastic wildlife found here on the Ningaloo reef.

We are extremely excited to be part of the first swimming with the humpback trials on our coast. Our experienced and passionate crew aboard the 65ft Aliikai offer the perfect platform to start this incredible adventure.

For many years we have been captivated by the thousands of humpback whales that pass by Ningaloo, there size, beauty and antics have enthralled people from all around the world. There aren’t words to describe the humbling feeling and the connection you experience when you are beside an amazing creature like a humpback whale.

We now have the opportunity to be a part of their world and swim quietly along with them to experience a small part of their journey.


This unique trial starts the first of August and will end late October, this coincides with the ending of the Whaleshark season in late July. There maybe the opportunity in the early part of the season to swim with both humpback whales and whale sharks on the same day if conditions are favourable and the animals are willing to join in.


$349 – adult swimmer over 13 years

$195 – for observer


  • Courtesy pick up from your address in Exmouth
  • All quality snorkelling gear, wetsuits and prescription masks are provided.
  • Fully catered for including, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and drinks provided.
  • Underwater scooters to use in the afternoon snorkel if time permits
  • Full Face and Prescription Masks
  • Free Photos!


There is over 30000 humpbacks passing our Ningaloo every year and they are all in different stages of their journey. Our aim is to use our spotter plane to find a humpback or a pod of humpback whales that are just resting and enjoying a break, these slow moving whales are now more likely to be interested in interacting with our swimmers and providing that breath taking experience you will never forget.

There will be only 5 swimmers in the water at any one time along with our guide and photographer to capture this truly amazing event. As mentioned earlier there could be an opportunity to slide in and swim with a Whaleshark, but the interaction doesn’t finish there; regularly we see dolphins, dugongs, turtles and other breeds of whales – every day is different when on the sea!

Our day will start with you being picked up and delivered to our beautiful boat Aliikai , once on board we start with a barista made coffee, a briefing and then head out to our morning snorkel spot. People wanting to swim with the humpbacks will need to be able to demonstrate a reasonable ability to swim and be over the age of 13. Anyone just wanting to join for the day as an observer or snorkel in only the morning and afternoon snorkels doesn’t have to have the same level of ability as a humpback whale swimmer.

After our morning snorkel the plane will search for a resting pod and we will make our way out to spend some time with these guys and see if they are interested in swimming with us. When the humpback swimming is finished for the day we will serve a full lunch with all drinks provided and then if time permits move into one of our favourite snorkelling spots for another swim. We will have you back in Exmouth later in the afternoon.

This is a full day adventure and because we are engaging with animals none of it can or will be rushed, our experienced skipper and crew will decide on which humpbacks look interested in swimming with us and move on to another pod if they don’t.


Our vessel Aliikai provides the perfect platform to maximise your experience, she is 65ft of luxury with an enormous extended fly bridge for viewing, being a purpose built dive vessel she has easy access to and from the water.

Your day is professionally catered for by a local restaurant ensuring a fabulous selection of gourmet foods to choose from plus drinks and nibbles.

Aliikai’s crew live the reef and are passionate about the ocean and the sea life, they are ready to share this incredible experience with you and make it not only safe but exhilarating and unforgettable.

“Amazing Experience”

Humpback whale tour. Fantastic time, heaps of whales, knowledgeable and friendly
staff, good food, the sunset was spectacular. Highly recommended.




Observer / Snorkeller

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