How big is a Whale Shark

The whale sharks we swim with here on the Ningaloo Reef range from 2m to 10m with the average sighting being sharks around the 5 to 6 meter range. The biggest whale shark on record was measured at 12m however they have been sighted by fisherman at over 18m!

Are Whale Sharks dangerous?

No! Whale Sharks are filter feeders meaning they eat the smallest thing in the ocean – Plankton! They have very little interest in humans and definitely will not eat you

Are there any age restrictions on swimming with a Whale Shark?

No there are not. As long as you can swim then you can snorkel with a whale shark. Our Boat is specifically designed for Whale Shark Eco tours. Our marlin board – the board you use to enter and exit the water sits level with the water and is fitted with 2 big dive ladders. This makes our boat extremely easy for all ages to get on and off.

When is the best time to see the Whale Sharks?

Whale Sharks are spotted in Exmouth from March through to July each year with the best sightings from April until July. Visit us from May to July and you may also have the chance to swim with Manta Rays and see Hump Back Whales on their northern Migration.


  • A code of conduct has been put in place by the department of environment and conservation to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both swimmers and the whale sharks; this means we are allowed a distance of 3m away from the head and body and 4m away from the tail when in the water with these massive creatures. No human contact is allowed as this would put you with in the 3m and 4m rule.